When do you need Root Canal what precautions to take after Root Canal

A root canal is the removal of infection inside your tooth to help relieve the root canal pain. Most of the root canal pains are due to infected or decayed tooth, cracked teeth, due to some trauma to the face, a few dental procedures or large fillings.

When do a person need Root Canal Treatment?

Notice the symptoms that can require root canal treatment:

  1. If you sense severe pain in the tooth while chewing or on the application of pressure.
  2. If you sense sensitivity whilst you eat warm foods or hot drinks or perhaps whilst you eat ice-cream or drink an icy-cold glass of water.
  3. When there is discoloration of the tooth, this is probably due to an infection within the pulp of your teeth which can cause a change in the colour of your tooth.
  4. When you've have swollen gums near the painful tooth.
  5. A chipped or cracked tooth, due to some accident, builds bacteria and leads to inflammation and infection.
  6. If a tooth feels looser, that is probably due to infection.
  7. If there is a small pimple-like bump on the gums near the region of teeth pain.

Root Canal treatment has gained the most overwhelming recognition across the global society for resolving dental problems. Nevertheless, aftermath of undergoing the procedure, an individual requires to follow a few safety measures, so as to cherish perks of the treatment in the long run.

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What Happens After the Root Canal Procedure?

You may have sensitivity, swelling, inflammation, and soreness for the first few days after the root canal procedure. Some people may additionally experience an uneven bite or an allergic reaction to the meds given. It is essential to observe the endodontist's instructions to ease the pain and reduce swelling.

These symptoms will decrease with time, however be in contact with the dentist in case you experience:

  1. Severe pain and pressure lasting for a few days
  2. Swelling on the inside of the mouth
  3. Allergic reaction
  4. The brief filling or crown is out of balance

What is the Root Canal Aftercare Instructions?

Following the instructions given let you recover faster; some of the tips include:

  1. Avoid chewing immediately after the procedure because the gums are still numb, and you risk injuring your cheek or tongue.
  2. Maintain right oral hygiene to keep the area clean and avoid infection
  3. Use ice packs on the first day after a root canal to ease pain and prevent swelling.
  4. Eat tender foods for the first few days after the endodontic treatment to avoid disturbing the gums.
  5. Stay away from hard, crunchy, hot, and highly spiced foods that can have an effect on the gums and slow down the healing process.
  6. Visit our dental endodontist in Hyderabad for routine check-ups and cleanings in keeping the teeth and gums healthy.

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