Naga Raju

Excellent response and care by Dr. Anoop and the entire unit. Well treated and explained the information clearly. Best treatment with less price. Dr. Anoop Identified the root cause of my mother teeth issues and he did great job. He is very polite and patience while doing the treatment. I strongly recommend the Expert Dental Care.

Jaya Prashanthi Ramineni

I have been nervous all my life about going to the dentist but when I came to Expert Dental Care I was welcomed so good and the Dentists Dr.Anoop and Dr.Mounika saw me made me so comfortable and made my visit worthwhile. I love this place and will recommend it to anyone who will like a great dental experience to go there. Great staff! .Clinic has a very pleasant ambience and light music is being played so that patients do not feel bored during their treatment procedure.

madhuri boddapati

I had a wonderful experience with Doctor for my Dental issue ( Root canal and filling). His expertise on handling dental care is very much appreciated. I would recommend for all my Near and Dear.

Venkata Harikrishna Nukala

Got root canal treatment and implant for my father done Expert Dental Care, Madinaguda. I have fear of dental treatment but Dr.Mounica have done the treatment so painless and implant also placed by Dr.Anoop with utmost patience following all covid protocols . I would definitely recommend if you are looking for any dental treatments


The best dental doctors I have ever consulted, really happy with the root canal treatment got done, will strongly recommend this clinic without a second thought. Thank you so much doctors.

Siva sai babu

This is the best hospital for dental care in madinaguda.Dr.Anup was awesome and had done great job.They followed up 3-4 times to check my health status after the surgery.This shows their passion for serving the patient.

Sunkishala Surendrarao

I went for my wife teeth pain and found it was almost ded and replaced with new teeth. Treated very well without pain. Dr. replaced teeth with new teeth. DR. is very polite and have good experience. I will recommend all of you to go and once visit.


I'm a dentist from vizag, one of my friends stays in hyd called me one fine day as he was suffering from tooth ache. I referred him to the best dental clinic in Hyderabad ie, Expert Dental Care. Dr Anoop is so friendly, treats his patients with care. My friend got his Root canal treatment, he said it was Painless and he is so satisfied . Thanks to Expert Dental Care team.

usharani ramineni

I had a great experiance with expert dental clinic.previously I had my root canals previously in reputed hospitals but I did not get the care which I Experianced here. They explained the complete procedure and took good care.

Anu Banigandlapati

If you are like me and have a fear of dentist the I would surely recommend Dr.mounika. and expert dental care, I had a severe pain and had taken an immediate request was handled very professionally by the team.when I met the doctor, all my queries were addressed and explained properly which greated trust.

potala lakshmanavidhey

The total experience was amazing..the doctors and the staff are very supportive and kind. The entire journey of mine getting the braces was seamless. Special thanks to Dr. Anoop and team. I would definetely recomend Expert Dental Care .

Nikhita D

I have had my wisdom tooth removed , before that I consulted Dr.Anoop and he was very warm and polite , even the staff were friendly and comforting . The whole procedure took place smoothly and I feel good after that.

Sdinesh Kumar

I went to this clinic with swelling problem back of my teeth. Dr. Anoop took very good care of me and I got my swelling problem resolved. I would definitely recommend this Dental care

keerthi kanth

Exceptional professionals with extensive knowledge on the field. Taking personal care of each patient individually. More of a service oriented rather than commercial and provide great customer service. I would highly recommend.

A amit

I had been for a regular dental checkup, and I was advised for scaling and I very much Appreciate Dr Anoop and the staff for scheduling the appointment as per my convenience.I really like the clinic ambience, Hygiene and courtesy of staff.

shilpa madhuri

I have visited Expert dental care with severe pain due to wisdom tooth. Dr. Anoop diagnosed the condition and patiently explained the treatment options very clearly and brought in the appropriate specialist and got the treatment done. I am very happy that I was relieved from pain instantly.

Praneeth G.V.S.

Dr. Anoop and staff are always here to help. They schedule all appointments as per your comfort and hygiene is 10 stars for me. All your concerns will be heard and answered.

Nandini Gatlolla

Hello! I'm Nandini I took the treatment at Expert Dental Care. The treatment was good and excellent with less price. Also I observed the change with in few months. Now I'm not feeling shy to smile in public or with my friends. My parents also felt very happy after getting the result.Well treatment and well receiving. And I really Thank DR. Anoop sir and the whole team.Dr.Anoop sir is really very polite and have a lots of patience. Thank you once again for the whole team.

Mohan Raj

Took my kid for a dental issue. She had root canal on milk tooth 4 years ago and is feeling pain and swelling now. Doctor identified the issue very quickly that previous doctor who performed root canal didn’t do it clean and missed some broken needle like material inside the gum while doing root canal treatment. Doctor cleared all of it very neatly and the pain and swelling gone by next day. Happy to recommend this doctor for anyone. In fact I also got to know about her through a friend’s recommendation.

Shiv Kumar Malik

I got my root canal treatment done by Dr Anoop. I had a very good treatment and Dr Anoop is very skilled and polite dentist. I would recommend Dr Anoop to anyone who wants to get dental treatment.

Padmaja Raavi

I visited Expert Dental Care in Madinaguda for my root canal treatment. The consultation&explanation byDr. Mounica after I started treatment is very smooth &pain less. The support of the staff is very good, go for it for best results 👍🏻


I had treatment for Root canal in Expert dental care clinic, treatment was 100% satisfaction,with alot of patience mam and sir treated with a great care and without any compromise sir adjusted the teeth cap perfectly with painless treatment,overall treatment is excellent and ambience was really good and hygiene.Thank you very much Sir and maam..

Venkat Sudheer

I visited expert Dental Care in madinaguda for my dental problems, Dr Anoop clearly explained by problem and suggested dental implant , after which I got my treatment started my complete procedure went well and now I also got my crown for implant and I am happy with my treatment. I highly recommend expert Dental Care madinaguda

Chakali Sangaiah

I have taken my kid to expert dental care madinaguda .with full of swelling Dr. Mounika mam have explaned every step of treatment. Madam suggested for extraction I under gone with treatment.i highly recommend expert dental care.

tilak balu

The clinic is clean and hygiene. Doctor Anoop clearly understood the problem and advised needed services. I have scaling and cavity repair which was nicely executed and importantly it’s on time.

Raavi Raavi

visited expert dental care@madinaguda, hyderabd for my root canal, excellent cinsultation and explanation by Dr Mounika. while treatment it was very smooth even i don't feel, support of staff very nice, more over follow up is excellent after my treatment

Sudhakeerthi Guddi

If you are looking for painless root canal treatment in and around madinaguda, EXPERT DENTAL CARE is the best solution. Dr.mounika performed painless root canal treatment and Dr.anoop has done cap for me. I am posting this after 2weeks of my treatment. I am 100% satisfied with my treatment. I highly recommend expert dental care,madinaguda.

Krishna Phaneendra

I visited Expert dental clinic as I had pain in the lower jaw gum. I thought the pain was due to penetration of part of a seed (of a vegetable i ate recently). However upon visiting I was explained about the tenderness in gum due to my location of wisdom teeth and may be the disturbance caused on it causing the pain. I got scaling done as well and mostly without any pain. Dr.Mounika explained me clearly the location of all my wisdom teeth and also about scaling. She was very supportive... I had a great experience

Anurag Bhatnagar

My personal experience has been very positive. If you are concerned about hygene, skill levels and cost, this is the place to choose. The couple (Dr Anoop and his wife) are dedicated to all round patient care, in terms of cleanliness, line of treatment and at a reasonable cost. I would highly recommend this place.

Venugopal Vakati

I had a bridge type crown fixed else where and a severe pain started for one of the teeth after a year. I went to Dr Anoop, he suggested to immediately to remove the crown and infected tooth and he did it. Subsequently a new bridge is fixed for the same. This time the crown is much better and I am able to eat hard items also. Thanks to Dr Anoop. The hospitality is excellent and the charges reasonable compared to market.