Dental braces in chandanagar, Hyderabad are the appliances which are utilized to align or straighten the teeth and guide the teeth to the corrected position. They are comprised of wires, brackets, and bands. Braces help to correct the irregular teeth positioning, jaw correction, improvement in biting and smile aesthetics. Your dentist, Dr. Anoop Chowdary is the best person to direct on treatment choices and modalities relying on dentition.

What are the types of braces?

If the braces are indeed the solution for you, the dental specialist or orthodontist at best dental hospital in Madinaguda will prescribe an appliance specific for your necessities. The braces might comprise of bands, wires, and other fixed or removable corrective appliances.

Metal/traditional braces

Conventional braces are made of metal. They incorporate brackets that are connected to the front of your teeth or bands that fit around every tooth, as well as flexible wires or arch wires that keep the brackets or bands together. Some braces likewise incorporate rubber bands or metal ties that connect the brackets to the wire. These bands make more strain to help straighten and adjust your teeth. Sometimes, your orthodontist will have you wear a device called headgear at night. It gives added pressure to assist with straightening your teeth. You can put it on and take it off.

Teeth Braces in Hyderabad

Ceramic braces

The brackets in traditional braces are made in tooth-colored ceramic, so you don't see them as much. They can likewise be made with stainless steel, clear materials, or gold.

Lingual braces

The brackets on these braces are joined to the backs of your teeth, facing your tongue. Lingual braces are harder to see.

Clear aligners

You could likewise hear them known as invisible braces. These are clear plastic trays that fit snugly onto your teeth. They use pressure to tenderly move your teeth into the right positions and straighten your smile. You eliminate the aligners to eat, brush, or floss, however you ought to keep them in at least less than 22 hours every day for them to work. The orthodontist may likewise put tooth-colored attachments onto your teeth to hold the aligners in place.

What is the procedure for applying braces?

The manner by which braces ought to be applied is usually by a dentist, who assesses the condition of the teeth.

There are usually 3 basic stages of treatment for misaligned teeth:

  1. The initial placement of the braces: Brackets are attached to teeth along with an arch wire and sometimes ring-like bands to hold the braces in place
  2. Brace is adjusted periodically until the desired alignment is accomplished. The mouth might feel sore for a few days after an adjustment or tightening.
  3. A retainer is worn after removal of braces to stabilise the teeth.

Most patients need to wear the braces for 1-3 years and it is important that good oral hygiene is maintained during this time. Brushing and flossing day to day, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet and visiting the dentist, Dr. Mounika Athaluri routinely are important factors to ensure the success of the braces.

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