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Instead of a bridge, a single-tooth implant is a standalone unit, similar to a regular single crown. What makes it advantageous? Well, a dental implant replaces a single tooth without affecting the health of neighboring teeth. It functions just like a natural tooth.

Here's a simple breakdown of how the process works:


The implant is placed into your jaw. Over the next two to six months, it bonds with the bone, becoming a stable anchor for your new tooth. During this period, a temporary replacement option can be worn.

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Second Step

After the bonding period, a second step is needed. The implant is uncovered, and an extension is attached, often a temporary healing cap. This step sets the foundation for your new tooth. Your gums get time to heal for a few weeks.

Final Touch

The last step involves creating a replacement tooth, known as a crown, which is attached to a small metal post (abutment). This restoration not only enhances your smile but also restores your confidence in chewing and speaking. Dental implants look and feel so natural that you might forget you ever lost a tooth.

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